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  • Instructor: Matt Hayden

    1 video

    Matt Hayden (@matthaydenwelder) runs the welding career tech program at Cedartown High School in Georgia. His program is one of the best in the country, going to state and national championships pretty much every year. His classes boast students who are already making a good living for themselves...

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  • Jody Collier - Intro to TIG

    18 videos

    Jody Collier is back again with a new course, Intro to TIG. Come learn from a master!

    This course is also available for sale or 7-day rental. Click here for access.

  • Quick Tips
    3 seasons

    Quick Tips

    3 seasons

  • New & Featured

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    The latest videos from our instructors at WelderSkills.com. The best place to go to stay in the loop with new stuff.

  • Five Minute Fridays

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    Now here's a real-life kind of video series that's unique to WelderSkills.com. We only bring on instructors who are down to earth and are able to articulate the down-and-dirty tips you need to improve your welding. Watch some of our instructors take a quick five minutes every Friday to answer the...

  • Shop Tips
    24 videos

    Shop Tips

    24 videos

    General tips and tricks to help you keep your tools and your shop in tip-top shape. There's a lot more to welding than the welding itself.