Five Minute Fridays

Five Minute Fridays

70 Episodes

Now here's a real-life kind of video series that's unique to We only bring on instructors who are down to earth and are able to articulate the down-and-dirty tips you need to improve your welding. Watch some of our instructors take a quick five minutes every Friday to answer their most common questions, and get a little window into their daily routines in the process.

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Five Minute Fridays
  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP69 "Emergency Repair"

    Episode 1

    This week we're talking about options that helped me in an emergency repair and some life updates.

    ...Apologies for the late upload. I was busy doing Holiday stuff! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP68 "Cracking Welds on Thick Aluminum"

    Episode 2

    This week's I try to help with a problem question that was sent to me at [email protected] The problem is cracking welds on thicker aluminum. Let's dive in!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP67 "Part 2"

    Episode 3

    I saw a question in the comments for FMF 67 and thought it would be fun to just sit down and record the answer!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP67 "Frustration"

    Episode 4

    Ever get to the point where you want to just bang your head on a wall because the part you're working on isn't going as planned? It's frustrating! That's what we're talking about this week.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP66 "Check it!"

    Episode 5

    This week we're talking about checking your work! This can be a very important step that a surprising amount of people simply don't do. They think someone else will catch it if it's wrong. I personally think that's wrong! Double check your work!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP65 "Thickness"

    Episode 6

    This week we're talking about welding on different thickness of materials and why it's important to practice on different thicknesses! Enjoy

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP64 "Ouch"

    Episode 7

    This week's FMF is talking about a mistake I made and why you shouldn't make that same mistake! Enjoy

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP63 "Details"

    Episode 8

    This week we're talking about details and how they can make a big difference

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP62 "Amps with a Pedal"

    Episode 9

    This week we're talking about different ways to set your amps while using a pedal. Working with different folks you hear different ways they like to do things. Hopefully one of these ways might work for you! Enjoy

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP61 "Aerospace Setup"

    Episode 10

    This week's FMF I will try to answer a question from Michael about what kind of Tig setup you use for thinner materials at an aerospace shop. Enjoy! Shoot me your questions at [email protected]

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP60 "Filling a Hole"

    Episode 11

    This FMF is about filling a hole and why you might be getting a little puckering around that hole. Also, I was stuck in a little traffic so I thought I'd turn the camera back on for a little extra so stay to the end!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 59 "Exit Interviews"

    Episode 12

    This week's FMF is all about my exit interview I had at my now last job. Had to record it in the evening on Friday which is why it was late... Sorry about that.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP58 "Leaving the Right Way"

    Episode 13

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! We're continuing our talk about jobs this week. This one is on how to leave a job the right way in my eyes. I hope this one can help you if you might be thinking about it and not sure the best way to go about it

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP57 "Dots in Aluminum Welds"

    Episode 14

    Do you ever get those weird pimply looking dots in your aluminum welds? Here are a few reasons why you might be seeing them.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP56 "Aerospace"

    Episode 15

    This week we're continuing our talk about jobs. I get asked often about how to get into the aerospace industry so that's what we're talking about today!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP55 "Gettin' Real"

    Episode 16

    Just being real with you all here on WelderSkills. Here is a real breakdown of an interview I had and some of the things that I try to do while taking a weld test for a job. Sorry about the audio midway the recorder's SD card was full...

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 54 "Balling Up Filler"

    Episode 17

    This week it's all about the dreaded Balling Up Filler! If you're having this problem these few tips might be just what you need. If you have a question for a future FMF or video that would help you shoot me an Email at [email protected]!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 53 "Threaded Holes"

    Episode 18

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! We're talking Threaded Holes! Leave the set screws in or take them out!?!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 52 "Dealing with Corporations"

    Episode 19

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF!! Answering a question about dealing with corporations and some of the different things you might see. This one is a little more salty than normal but real. Hope it helps. Thanks everyone!!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 51 "CAD"

    Episode 20

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF. We're talking CAD! Should you learn it or not? These are my thoughts. Hope you have a great weekend! If you have a question for a future FMF leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 50 "Gloves"

    Episode 21

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! We're at home and we're talking about Gloves today! Hope this one might help you when you're picking up your next pair. Have a great weekend!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 49 "PTO"

    Episode 22

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! Sorry for missing last week. I was out of town on a little vacation and that's what we're talking about this week! Hope this one can help! Have a great weekend and a Safe 4th of July!!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 48 Distortion

    Episode 23

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! We're talking about something that every welder deals with and that's Distortion and how you can use it to your advantage. If not careful it can really mess things up too! Hope this one helps.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 47

    Episode 24

    Back with another FMF! This week we're talking about can the company you work for help or hurt your welding skills? This can be a touchy subject for some but one that needs to be thought about and addressed. Have a great weekend!