Flux Core > For Beginners

Flux Core > For Beginners

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Flux Core > For Beginners
  • Short Circuit Mig Welding Compared to Dual Shield on Vertical Uphill

    For Out of position welding like vertical uphill, Short circuit mig welding requires some manipulation of the gun to prevent excess convexity of the bead profile. Dual shield flux core is different. This video shows the distinct difference in speed and bead profile

  • Dual Shield Flux Core vs 7018 Uphill

    Both Stick welding with 7018 and dual shield flux core are good processes but one is way more productive. If you are in business, that matters a lot.

  • Overhead Stick with 7018 and Dual Shield Flux Core

    Once piece of advice I tell students for Stick welding overhead with 7018 is to set the machine hot enough that the rod will not stick even when you hold a tight arc....then hold a tight arc.
    For dual shield flux core, polarity, voltage and wire speed settings, and stick out make the difference.

  • JD Brewer - Dual Shield Flux Core Lap Joints

    One thing you'll learn quickly about JD is HE LOVES DUAL SHIELD FLUX CORE.

    JD's tips on DSFC on multiple angles and positions are sure to be helpful for you.