Instructor: Andrew Cardin

Instructor: Andrew Cardin

Andrew Cardin (@thebostonweldah) first came to notoriety in 2015 for representing the United States at the WorldSkills event in Brazil, where he won a Medal of Excellence and finished 5th among a field of 38 welders from across the globe. We knew we had to get Andrew involved at WelderSkills, because we know you'd be hard pressed to find a human being with more welding knowledge and passion on Planet Earth.

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Instructor: Andrew Cardin
  • Andrew Cardin - Horizontal Buildup Pad

    I'm gonna use 7018 and show you some great methods for practice.
    padding beads is the best way to build the skills for running a uniform bead

  • Andrew Cardin - 7018 Flat Build Up Pad

    Basic build up pad with 7018. Right off the bat, what you want to do with any type of welding is get yourself comfortable. Something as simple as turning a plate a few degrees on a table can make all the difference.

  • Andrew Cardin - Stick Welding Round Tube to Plate with 5/32" 7018 5F

    Stick welding with 5/32" 7018 in 5F position, Round Tube to plate weld with Andrew.

  • Andrew Cardin - Overhead Round Tube to Plate with 5/32" 7018

    Welding Overhead with 5/32" 7018 is a bit more challenging than with smaller electrodes but the same fundamentals apply for the most part.
    Tight arc length, rod angle, and restarts are demonstrated with instructive arc shots and body positioning.

  • Andrew Cardin - Stick Welding an Open Root Plate with 7016 Electrode

    Andrew's company is seeing welding procedures for open root 7016. Before tackling an open root pipe with 7016, some might benefit from a few practice plates. Fitup, featheriing tack welds, arc length, rod angle, are discussed.

  • Andrew Cardin - Overhead 7018 5/32" Stick Welding Tee Joint

    Andrew Cardin did the welding in this video while Jody handled the filming.

    165 amps, arc force set to 10 using a Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp. We decided to use some leftover rods so that we show lots of restarts because being able to make a good restart is a fundamental skill... especially in overhe...