Instructor: JD Brewer

Instructor: JD Brewer

JD Brewer (@apexish) is the owner of Apex Welding in Villa Rica, GA, a mobile welding service for Metro Atlanta and West Georgia. JD is one of the hardest working guys we know, and has an absolute no-nonsense approach to welding fabrication and instruction, with a pretty healthy sense of humor mixed in. And most importantly, he's just a great dude.

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Instructor: JD Brewer
  • JD Brewer - MIG Thick to Thin

    This is a quick video showing mig welding thick to thin material.

  • JD Brewer - Tank Repair

    This is a normal welding repair job. Client called and said they had a leak. I got lucky that it was easy to find and repair. This video shows arc gouging, tig and stick welding with the use of penetrant dye for crack location.

  • JD Brewer - Scratch Start Tip

    This is a quick video to show one way of starting the arc for scratch start tig. This trick is only for scratch start and not for lift arc or hi-freq starts. Every stick machine can be a tig machine but its not ideal. This tip helps take some frustration out of scratch starts.

  • JD Brewer - Generator Setup Basics

    This video covers the basics for hooking up a generator to weld with stick, mig, or tig in the field. This video just shows how to set the generator controls and strike an arc with each process.

  • JD Brewer - 60' pipe

    This video is an overview of a small pipe job. There are 3 sticks of 6" sch80 pipe to be welded together and then installed in the ceiling of the manufacturing plant. The pipe is welded together using the tig open root process and a tig hot pass. After the hot pass i switch to dsfc and fill then ...

  • JD Brewer - Dual Shield Flux Core Lap Joints

    One thing you'll learn quickly about JD is HE LOVES DUAL SHIELD FLUX CORE.

    JD's tips on DSFC on multiple angles and positions are sure to be helpful for you.

  • JD Brewer - Fabricating a 60ft Rack, Dual Shield Flux Core (Part 1)

    JD Brewer took on a project of building a 60 ft long rack that goes in a factory that works with long metal rods. He built a 40 ft section first. That will be cut in half with bolted flange connections welded on to facilitate transport and installation.

    Dual shield flux core welding using a Lin...

  • JD Brewer - 60 Foot Rack Build: Dual Shield Flux Core (Part 2)

    Dual shield flux core welding is great for large projects like this one.
    It's a very robust welding process that puts down lots of weld metal quickly and has no trouble penetrating over light mill scale.

  • JD Brewer - Welding Business Talk

    Jody sits down with JD Brewer, owner operator of Apex Welding. Hear answers to questions about his welding career, being self employed, and advice he would give anyone getting started in a welding career.

  • JD Brewer - Pulse Settings and Silicon Bronze on a ZTfab Cart

    JD ordered a cart for his shop that included bottom drawer and foot pedal holder. In this video, we use a torch switch at high amperage for tack welding, then we compare straight welding current to pulse TIG.

    And.... we experimented with pulse settings using silicon bronze rod and lay wire techn...

  • JD Brewer - MIG Welding Downhill Roots and a Handrail Fitting

    JD and Jody experiment with a used welding positioner bought off ebay.

    JD had just finished up a handrail project and had a few fittings and some pipe left over. They tried some 6" schedule 80 as well as some 1-1/2" sched 40 pipe on the positioner.

    Always learning...

  • JD Brewer - Building a Work Platform

    JD builds work platforms like the one shown in this video along with handrails, hopper stands, work mezzanines, and process pipe for local factories.
    He shows some of the clamps and tools he uses everyday to build stuff

  • JD Brewer - Fabricating Container locks and Installing with a Portable Welder

    Just going thru a normal day in JD's fab shop when a local business called and asked if he could fabricate some locking mechanisms for some containers due to theft of copper wire the night before. JD used Dual shield flux core for the shop welds , brought his Portable generator welder and used 7...

  • JD Brewer - Firepit Build with PlasmaCam

    1/4" thick tread plate that JD scored on a job site that was heading for the scrap yard. So he decided to build a fire pit for his helper Wyatt.

    1/4" tread might be considered overkill for a fire pit but "there is no kill like overkill." Made for a fun day in the shop.