Instructor: Jody Collier

Instructor: Jody Collier

Jody Collier from WeldingTipsAndTricks and The Weldmonger Store brings you his best premium welding tips. You probably know Jody from YouTube where he's become known by many as "The Godfather of Welding". With a million subscribers, decades of experience in welding inspection and instruction, not to mention loads of down and dirty experience in the shop, you'll be very hard pressed to find a more well-rounded welding instructor than Jody Collier. He's the best of the best.

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Instructor: Jody Collier
  • MIG Welding 101 for Beginners Uphill Part 3

    Uphill short circuit mig welding requires some manipulation of the arc in order to help the bead flatten. Downhill short circuit mig is much easier and while it might be fine for certain welds like 1/8" wall tubing, Short circuit mig downhill is notorious for having lack of fusion. This video sh...

  • MIG Welding 101 from scratch part 2

    MIG welding for beginners. Jody's sons Jake and Joey have not welded before this series so this is a good chance to flush out plenty of beginner questions.
    In this video, we continued a few beads on plate and then did a Tee joint using multiple passes just for the extra practice

  • MIG Welding 101 from Scratch...For Beginners

    Mig welding for beginners with Jody and sons Jake and Joey. A complete beginner video.
    This should bring out a lot of questions for complete beginners.

  • Andrew Cardin and Jody - 1G 11ga Butt Joint Root pass

    Andrew Cardin TIG welding a root pass in 11ga steel using lay wire technique.
    11ga steel can serve as a practice metal for open roots
    If you have the choice, we recommend ER70s6 wire for open roots

  • Jody and Kyle - 2G Plate 6010 Root Part 1

    Taking the extra time to have an even land, gap, and no mismatch aka Hi/Lo is worth the extra effort on any plate or pipe weld.
    part 2 is 7018 fill and cap using 3/32"

  • Pulse Spray MIG Zoom Call

    Matt and Jody worked on some pulse spray mig videos recently and talk about pulse spray on this Zoom.
    Look for 2F, 3F, 2G, and 3G joints to hit soon.

  • Jody Collier - Zoom Recording "Certification Testing"

    Jody discusses welding certifications, when they are useful, and how they vary job to job

  • WelderSkills Live "Certification Tests" 1/4 @ 8:00 pm EST

    For the next zoom call we'll be talking about welding certification. Happy new year!

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  • Brad Goodman - Tungsten Prep TIG Aluminum with Jody

    Jody and Brad talk about tungsten prep live with Q&A

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  • Jody Collier - Zoom Recording 12/20 "Tungsten"

    Live call with Jody Collier chatting about tungsten

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  • Jody Collier - Zoom Recording 12/7/22 "Open Q&A"

    The first open QA session of many to come. Ask me anything every Wednesday at 8 pm EST.

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  • Jody Collier - MIG Welding Fillet welds

    This video shows settings and techniques for Several different Fillet Welds in flat and horizontal position ...done with Short Circuit mig welding

  • 3G Stainless TIG Welding Practice for AWS D17.1 Aerospace weld tests

    AWS D17.1 is the specification for aerospace fusion welding.

    It is common for 1G tests to be done in aerospace welding certification because shops often have positions and manipulators that can pretty much get every weld in the flat position.

    But sometimes employers require a 2G and or a 3G tes...

  • Jody Collier - High Speed Pulse Settings for Tig Welding on an Edge

    39 pps, 30% background current, and main amps set to 124 amps.
    11 ga carbon steel
    3/32" 2% lanth electrode
    1/16" er70s6 wire
    #8 cup 20cfh argon

  • DIY Flap Sander for Deburring Inside Tube

    Handy tool for cleaning inside diameter of tubes and deburring ...quick tip video for making a flap sander from drill rod or round stock

  • Jody Collier - Zoom Recording "Down N Dirty Metallurgy"

    Check out my latest Zoom call from 5/5 where I talk about my most recent video in depth. A few things every welder should know with some extra tips and a Q&A session.

  • Jody Collier - Down and Dirty Metallurgy

    Heat from Welding affects Carbon steel, aluminum and stainless in different ways and this video emphasizes how that works along with the main considerations for different metals. A couple things I think every welder should know.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP01 - Setting up a TIG Machine and Basic DC Settings

    This is part 1 of a new 'Intro to TIG Welding' course. My goal here is to make the best possible intro to TIG course through continual improvements based on your feedback. Leave comments if you have any questions, and we'll add the answers to the course.

    *UPDATED 11/22 to show argon tank safety

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP02 - Torch Parts and Types

    In episode 2 we cover the different types of torches, how to figure out if you 17, 18, 26 9-20 torch, and what the parts do

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP03 - Cutting and Sharpening Tungsten

    Some tips for How to cut and sharpen your tungsten.
    A dedicated tungsten grinder is best practice but there are other ways

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP04 - Quick Start Settings for DC Steel

    Basic Quick Start Settings for DC TIG welding Steel.
    Settings for Steel are very simple as long as you have the tig torch plugged in to the correct dinse receptacle ( the one with the tig torch icon)

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP05 - Carbon Steel Beads on Plate no Filler Rod

    TIG welding Carbon Steel Beads on Plate no Filler Rod.
    Using only the TIG torch, this is one of the very first skill exercises for building motor skills, hand eye coordination, and muscle memory for welding consistent beads.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP05 (Part 2) - How to Hold a Tig Torch for Beginners

    I got a request from a member to show how to hold the torch, so here's a video on that! Don't forget to leave comments if you have questions. If it's something important, I will likely update an existing part of this course or add a new video altogether. Thanks for being a member. Thanks for the ...

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP06 - Carbon Steel Beads with Filler Rod

    Carbon Steel Beads with Filler Rod
    11ga cold rolled steel
    DCEN machine amps set to 124 using foot pedal
    105 amps actual peak amps
    3/32" 2% lanthanated electrode
    1/16" ER70S6 rod
    #8 cup 20 cfh argon