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Instructor: Roy Crumrine

Instructor: Roy Crumrine

Roy Crumrine (@crummywelding) has set himself apart as one of the most exquisite welders in the world, with the experience and the capability to hold tight tolerances, executing very intricate welds. Being a true perfectionist, Roy has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve real excellence in the welding trade.

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Instructor: Roy Crumrine
  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP85 "Fixturing"

    This week we’re talking about the different worlds and thoughts about fixtures. There can be very different takes on how they’re made and how well they work. How do you approach a fixture? Comment below. Have a great weekend.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP84 "Next Day"

    For this FMF I want to talk about setting up yourself for the next day. Taking a little bit of time before the end of the day to think about where you’d like to end your day can really make a big impact on the next morning.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP83 "TIG Mistakes"

    This FMF is about some of the mistakes I see people making while Tig Welding. Hope this helps!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP82 "Shop Update"

    This week I thought it would be fun to show you what we’ve been up to in the shop. Lots going on around the new house. Needed a lot of repairers…. Joys of buying homes but working though them and getting things squared away to make more WS videos soon!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP81 "Open or Closed"

    This week’s FMF is based off Joe Rogan’s podcast Ep 1943 talking about an open or closed loop mind set and how it could work for welding.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP80 "Two Weeks"

    This week's FMF is about what I think you should do when you put in your two weeks but they want to keep you. A friend of mine was dealing with this a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good topic.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP79 "Maintenance"

    This week’s FMF is all about welding machine maintenance. This is something often forgotten about what is something that is very important to keep your business going and the money flowing.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP78 "Gasses"

    This week we’re talking about Gasses! What kinds of gasses can you use for TIG outside of Argon.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP77 "Pros and Cons of TIG"

    Continuing with the list of questions that was sent in this topic seemed to flow with last week’s FMF. Here are some Pros and Cons to TIG.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP76 "Don't Know"

    This week’s FMF kicks off a list of questions I received that are a bit on the basic side but simply said, “if you don’t know, you don’t know.” Hope these answers help and get you on the right track!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP75 "New to You Materials"

    This week's FMF is answering a question about welding new to you exotic materials and how I approach them. Hope this can help someone a little when the time comes! Have a great weekend!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP74 "Industry Details"

    I thought it would be fun to dive a little deeper into last week's topic and talk about knowing some of the details of the industry you're wanting to get into. Hope this one might help! Have a great weekend!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP73 "Slow Down"

    Answering a question that I see often about wanting to get into aerospace welding. Thought it would be a good topic to touch on and share my thoughts. Hope this helps someone. Have a great weekend!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP72 "New Shop"

    For this week's FMF I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to the new Crummy Welding Shop! We're all moved in and getting in its place. Has been crazy cold so not much has been done in the shop but looking forward to getting out there soon!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP71 "Welding Caps"

    Back with another FMF! This time we're talking about Welding Caps. Should you use one or not? Here's a few reasons I like to use one! Enjoy

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP70 "Cold Part 2"

    Couple more thoughts on welding and working in the cold. Stay Warm My Friends

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP70 "Cold"

    Got a question from Greg asking about welding in the Cold. Here are a few of my thoughts! Stay warm out there and have a great week!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP69 "Emergency Repair"

    This week we're talking about options that helped me in an emergency repair and some life updates.

    ...Apologies for the late upload. I was busy doing Holiday stuff! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  • Roy Crumrine - Arc Starts

    Looking for smoother Arc Starts? Try this!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP68 "Cracking Welds on Thick Aluminum"

    This week's I try to help with a problem question that was sent to me at [email protected] The problem is cracking welds on thicker aluminum. Let's dive in!

  • Roy Crumrine - Tools EP07 Handi-Hammer

    This one might be stupid but man is it handy!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP67 "Part 2"

    I saw a question in the comments for FMF 67 and thought it would be fun to just sit down and record the answer!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP67 "Frustration"

    Ever get to the point where you want to just bang your head on a wall because the part you're working on isn't going as planned? It's frustrating! That's what we're talking about this week.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP66 "Check it!"

    This week we're talking about checking your work! This can be a very important step that a surprising amount of people simply don't do. They think someone else will catch it if it's wrong. I personally think that's wrong! Double check your work!