Instructor: Roy Crumrine

Instructor: Roy Crumrine

Roy Crumrine (@crummywelding) has set himself apart as one of the most exquisite welders in the world, with the experience and the capability to hold tight tolerances, executing very intricate welds. Being a true perfectionist, Roy has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve real excellence in the welding trade.

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Instructor: Roy Crumrine
  • Roy Crumrine - MRO Mirrors

    The next tools in the MRO world next to magnification and light are mirrors! These are the ones I use daily!

    Part 1 here:

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP102 "First Aid"

    This FMF is about another tool you hope you never need to use in the shop! That tool is a good Firstaid Kit

  • Roy Crumrine - MRO Intro and Magnification

    I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I do at my day job. These upcoming videos will show some of the daily tools I use and how I use them. My goal is to recreate repair scenarios and show you what to expect. Hope these can help.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF 101 "Hard Stuff First"

    This week's FMF is asking if you do the hard stuff first or keep it till the end? I talk a bit about how I deal with this and how sometimes I have a hard time making it happen.

  • Roy Crumrine - Bench Lift

    I spent the day of July 4 working on the garage. Have been wanting to raise this bench so that I could use the space underneath more efficiently. Thought I would take you along for this update in the shop.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP100!

    Can you believe there’s 100 FMF episodes!? I can’t! This week I talk about a question that I get ask quite often and try to put to rest some questions that may have a been thought of about the WT&T Podcast. Also have an idea I’d like to try!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP99 "Inspectors"

    This week’s Five Minute Friday is answering a question about Inspectors. The good, bad and the ugly. Not all inspectors are the same but not all inspectors are bad. Here’s how I deal with them. Hope it helps and have a great weekend.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP98 "Fire Extinguishers"

    For this week’s, Five Minute Friday, we’re talking about fire extinguishers, but possibly one style that you may not have thought of for your home shop. Hope this helps. Have a great Fourth of July!

  • Roy Crumrine - Spot the DIfference (3 ways to tell)

    Can you tell the difference between 4043 and 5356 filler if the stamps or flags are gone? Here are 3 simple ways to tell and a story of is it really the right filler. Keep these in your mental toolbox. Could save your behind one day!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP97 "The Future"

    This week’s FMF is talking about a question I get asking about what to learn when getting into the trade. This is always my answer. Might have heard this before but still my thoughts. Hope it helps!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP96 "Coolants"

    This week’s FMF what is answering a question about coolant for your TIG welders. I have used a few in my day and these are my thoughts. Hope it helps!

  • Roy Crumrine - Truncated Lap Joint

    I wanted to continue the conversation about truncating your tungsten and see how it affects different joints. I chose a lap joint and let’s see how it goes. Same four point options as the butt weld but this time things go a little different. Enjoy!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP95 "Day Job Standards to Home Shop Standards"

    This week’s FMF is about what standard have I brought home from my day job to my home shop. This might be something that could help you in your home shop too.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP94 "Flow Rate"

    This week’s FMF is talking about flow rates for different materials. I try to keep these rates very simple and standard. Hope this helps!

  • Roy Crumrine - Truncate or Not?

    Have you ever wondered how lunging your tungsten would affect the puddle? I’ve wondered so in this video I ran 4 welds with 4 different tungsten’s that had different levels of blunting. Let’s see the results. Will you try it too? Comment below! Enjoy!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP93 "BTS Starting a Side Hustle"

    This week’s FMF is answering an email asking about tips to starting a side business. I thought it might be fun to talk about a few of the BTS things you may not think are important but they really are crucial for a business success.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP92 "Stick Out"

    This week’s FMF is talking about stick out for Tig welding. How far should you go with your tungsten?

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP91 "Cast to Steel Job"

    This week I wanted to talk a little about the Harbor Freight Cylinder job I had this past weekend. Got a lot of the same questions on Instagram so thought it might help to answer them here! Have a great weekend!

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP90 "Let it Cool"

    This FMF is all about letting your parts cool down if/when they get too hot. Knowing when your part is too hot, can really change how your puddle reacts.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP89 "GD&T"

    This week's question asked if they should learn GD&T as a welder?

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP88 "Arc Flutter"

    Have you ever had it when you stop a world and the arc shutters or flutters? That’s what we’re talking about this week. Hope it helps. Enjoy.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP87 "History"

    Sorry for missing last Friday but we’re catching up on a Monday. This FMF is a little personal history and industry history.

  • Roy Crumrine - Shop Update 4/1/23

    Hey everyone, thought I would do a quick shop update to let you know what I’ve been up to, what problems I’ve had and what I’ve been trying to work on. The new shop has been really nice, but has had a lot of surprises along the way.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP86 "TIG vs Other Processes"

    This week we’re talking about what to expect when trying TIG welding over other processes.