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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Stick Welding 6013 Rods, Lap joints and Tips for Beginners

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  • 6011 Electrodes for stick welding- Bo...

    I like 6011 rods because:
    6011 rods burn good on both AC and DC and both uphill and down
    most small inverter welders will burn 6011 but not 6010
    6011 electrodes are readily available at big box stores and places like tractor supply

  • Vertical 3F lap joints with 7018 Stic...

    7018 electrodes are designed to be low hydrogen electrodes.
    But if they are left out in the atmosphere for too long, they are no longer low hydrogen rods.
    But that doesn't mean they are no good.
    You can still use 7018 that have not been kept in an oven for anything you would weld with another r...

  • Overhead Stick with 7018 and Dual Shi...

    Once piece of advice I tell students for Stick welding overhead with 7018 is to set the machine hot enough that the rod will not stick even when you hold a tight arc....then hold a tight arc.
    For dual shield flux core, polarity, voltage and wire speed settings, and stick out make the difference.