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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

JD Brewer - Building a Work Platform

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  • Stick Welding with big 3/16" 7024 Ele...

    In this video, I am stick welding with 3/16" 7024 rods on a multi pass weld on one inch thick carbon steel. Also show some welding with other commonly used stick electrodes

  • 3g MIG Plate Test

    An excellent way to transition to pipe welding is to weld plate first.
    As long as thickness, bevel angle, gap, and land are the same, the same settings work on pipe so it makes sense to establish settings on plates

  • 3g MIG Welding test Plate Uphill Root

    Sometimes welding procedures specify downhill root and other times uphill is specified. It is great to be able to do both so you will be ready either way.
    uphill root voltage and wire settings are a bit lower but is really not more difficult than downhill once you nail the settings