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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Mig Welding Outside Corner uphill

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  • TIG Brazing a Cast Iron Vise

    I have had really good results tig welding cast iron using AC and Aluminum bronze filler rod. ( thats ErCu-Al-A2)
    But only on cast iron that does not operate at high temperatures like exhaust manifolds.
    On those type jobs, there are better filler metals that more closely match the expansion an...

  • How to TIG Weld Aluminum - Part 2

    Questions about AC balance, AC frequency, tungsten electrodes, shielding gases, techniques for feeding wire, how to keep a tight arc without dipping in the puddle, and a lot more.
    While I figure out the best way to answer as many questions as possible, I have to start by answering just a few of t...

  • TIG Welding Aluminum with Different W...

    The current waveforms are advanced square wave, soft square wave, sine wave, and triangle wave.
    They all have slightly different looks, sounds and characteristics.
    Some waveforms are supposed to be better for thin metals, others for thicker metals.
    There is another advanced feature on a very few...