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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Rocket Stove project

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  • MIG Techniques PUSH AND PULL Tested w...

    A good way to test for penetration is the cut and etch test.
    If the test is done while the weld is still fresh on you mind, there is a lot that can be learned and welding technique can be adjusted and improved.

    I used a lincoln electric power mig 210mp for the first welds with settings of 19 vol...

  • TIG Welding Steel Cube Project

    TIG welding cold rolled steel 3"x3" x1/4" using er309L and E70s-6 filler metal.
    12 outside joints provides plenty of welds to experiment using different size filler metals and pulse settings too.
    There is also a second video of filling in the corners using silicon bronze.

  • Stick Welding 3G Weld Test - 5/32" 7018

    Controlling the puddle, getting adequate penetration, avoiding undercut, preventing arc blow, and complying with AWS D1.1 acceptance criteria are all important.
    Some welders are being required to test using 5/32" 7018 electrodes instead of smaller diameter electrodes like 1/8". 130 amps is at the...