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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Stick Welding 3G Weld Test - 5/32" 7018

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  • MIG Welding Downhill Open Roots and Gaps

    Lots of Discussion happens when you talk about mig welding downhill. Personally, I prefer to go uphill on anything 3/16" and thicker. But for open butt root passes in pipe welding in fab shops, downhill mig is pretty common and yields good results provided the bevel, gap, fitup, and land are with...

  • JD Brewer - MIG Welding Downhill Root...

    JD and Jody experiment with a used welding positioner bought off ebay.

    JD had just finished up a handrail project and had a few fittings and some pipe left over. They tried some 6" schedule 80 as well as some 1-1/2" sched 40 pipe on the positioner.

    Always learning...

  • Mig Welding Outside Corner uphill

    Mig Welding outside corner joints and testing them using the cut and etch test.
    C25 gas was used along with .035 (.9mm) ER70s-6 wire.
    Thermal Arc fabricator 252i welder (very finicky) was used.
    Uphill single pass weld tested against 2 pass weld with downhill root pass.
    mig welding settings and te...