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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Roy Crumrine - TIG Welding Aluminum Job Shop Parts

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  • Stick Welding Aluminum

    I have never had to rely on stick welding to weld aluminum and I dont know anyone who prefers stick over tig or mig when it comes to welding aluminum. But the cool thing in this video is that you can actually tig weld aluminum on DC with argon using these stick electrodes

  • AC Frequency Settings for TIG Welding...

    This video is about tig welding aluminum on AC at 50hz and at 250hz.
    there was a noticeable difference at the 2 different settings. 50hz got completed penetration and 250hz did not penetrate.
    I tried to keep travel speed the same for both welds by using a motorized welding positioner turntable.

  • AC frequency settings for TIG WELDING...

    This is part 3 in a "how to tig weld aluminum" series. this video is about AC frequency adjustments and when to use different frequency settings.
    Rule of thumb here is higher frequencies seem to help on thinner aluminum and lower frequencies help on thicker aluminum...especially for tig welding...