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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

6G 2 inch schedule 80 ua-41

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  • 6g 2 inch UA-41 309 root

    6G 2 inch sched 80 ER309L Root pass with argon purge
    This welding test as also known as the ua41 and this video demonstrates the root pass with argon purge and 309 filler using the dip keyhole technique.
    a 1/8 gap with a 3/32 filler was useed

  • TIG Welding Aluminum Practice "The Al...

    This video shows lots of beads during an exercise I call "the aluminum drill".
    In sports, there are drills designed to improve certain skills.
    Because Aluminum requires so much more feeding of the wire than steel, this drill will help that filler wire feeding hand to get up to speed.

  • BackStep Technique for TIG Welding Th...

    This video shows the backstep technique on carbon steel sheet metal.
    Backstepping can be helpful in preventing distortion.