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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Welding Thick 4130 Preheat and Laywire technique

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    The basic settings are 100-140 amps using foot pedal so basically what that mean is at times I am at 140 amps but also much lower when heat soaks the small practice piece.
    i used nearly 140 amps but when the aluminum gets soaked with heat, I used the foot pedal to use less amperage.
    AC balance ...

  • Walking the Cup Tips and Techniques

    If you have ever walked a 55 gallon drum across a shop floor, you understand how it works.

    In this video I found some scrap pieces of 303 free machining stainless and chucked then up in a turntable and made a multipass weld walking the cup.

    For a total of 7 passes.

    I brought you along for t...

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    Science might say no but after a period of non use, rolling the tank sure seems to help the arc smooth out.
    When you Mig weld after a long period of non use. It seems to help to roll the tank