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  • TIG Carbon Steel Socket Welds

    Video shows walking the cup on a 2" carbon steel socket weld in a tripod vise. Socket welds are not commonly taught in welding schools so hope this helps

  • TIG welding Different metals

    This video shows TIG welding several different alloys. Carbon Steel, 4130, Stainless, and Aluminum. Arc Length is key

  • 5f MIG Round Tube to Plate

    5F position means the axis of the round member runs horizontal.
    This video shows technique and hand position to maintain a good mig gun angle

  • Welcome! How to Use WelderSkills

  • TIG welding vertical 3F tee joint - carbon steel 11ga

    In this will see settings, tips, techniques for TIG welding a vertical 3F tee joint - carbon steel 11ga
    The ABC's of welding
    Always be comfortable

  • 6013 Rods, Lap joints and Tips for Beginners

    6013 stick welding tips for anyone in welding school trying to move on to 6010 and 7018...or who wants to build something and only has an AC buzz box welder.
    6013 rods are designed to weld on DC or AC and it doesnt really matter much which one you choose.

  • 6011 Electrodes - Both Pros and Cons

    I like 6011 rods because:
    6011 rods burn good on both AC and DC and both uphill and down
    most small inverter welders will burn 6011 but not 6010
    6011 electrodes are readily available at big box stores and places like tractor supply

  • Vertical 3F lap joints with 7018 Stick Rod

    7018 electrodes are designed to be low hydrogen electrodes.
    But if they are left out in the atmosphere for too long, they are no longer low hydrogen rods.
    But that doesn't mean they are no good.
    You can still use 7018 that have not been kept in an oven for anything you would weld with another r...

  • Overhead Stick with 7018 and Dual Shield Flux Core

    Once piece of advice I tell students for Stick welding overhead with 7018 is to set the machine hot enough that the rod will not stick even when you hold a tight arc....then hold a tight arc.
    For dual shield flux core, polarity, voltage and wire speed settings, and stick out make the difference.

  • JD Brewer - Welding Business Talk

    Jody sits down with JD Brewer, owner operator of Apex Welding. Hear answers to questions about his welding career, being self employed, and advice he would give anyone getting started in a welding career.

  • JD Brewer - Pulse Settings and Silicon Bronze on a ZTfab Cart

    JD ordered a cart for his shop that included bottom drawer and foot pedal holder. In this video, we use a torch switch at high amperage for tack welding, then we compare straight welding current to pulse TIG.

    And.... we experimented with pulse settings using silicon bronze rod and lay wire techn...

  • JD Brewer - Fabricating a 60ft Rack, Dual Shield Flux Core (Part 1)

    JD Brewer took on a project of building a 60 ft long rack that goes in a factory that works with long metal rods. He built a 40 ft section first. That will be cut in half with bolted flange connections welded on to facilitate transport and installation.

    Dual shield flux core welding using a Lin...

  • JD Brewer - Firepit Build with PlasmaCam

    1/4" thick tread plate that JD scored on a job site that was heading for the scrap yard. So he decided to build a fire pit for his helper Wyatt.

    1/4" tread might be considered overkill for a fire pit but "there is no kill like overkill." Made for a fun day in the shop.

  • Cut and Etch Testing Short Circuit MIG settings

    Cutting and Etching is a destructive test so can not be used on live parts but it provides valuable information on your mig welding technique and settings.
    Cut with a zip disc, bandsaw, portaband, or whatever and then just smooth with a flap disc and some scotch brite pads.
    I used a passivation s...

  • Angle Grinders

    I like to keep different grinding wheels on each one and that way I hardly every have to change wheels.

  • Building a Slide Hammer Tool for Spatter Removal

    Super quick project but very useful is this slide hammer tool that uses a chisel and slide hammer for removing weld spatter

  • Learning How to Walk the Cup

    A very good TIG welding technique for pipe and a few other round shapes is walking the cup.
    But its good to be also be able to freehand.
    Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent walking the cup. For those occasions being able to prop with a tig finger can help.
    Other times, a part has smooth m...

  • Tungsten Angle Grind Makes a Difference

    There are several charts in text books and on web sites that depict the penetration profile caused by different grind angles of tungsten electrodes.
    I like to see things for myself so I tested 3 very different angles on pieces of 2% lanthanated electrodes ...all 3/32" (2.4mm).
    I let the piece co...

  • Testing Different TIG Techniques, and Pulse vs No Pulse

    There are many different ways to tig weld a tee joint. In this video I show 3 different ways...straight dcen with no pulse using a foot pedal, 1 pulse per second with foot pedal floored at 131 amps, and pumping the foot pedal for sort of a manual pulse.

  • TIG Welding Carbon Steel lap joints 11 ga cold rolled 2F

    For 11ga cold rolled steel lap joints its all about torch angle and arc length.
    Torch angle is pretty forgiving provided your arc length is tight.
    So what is tight enough? The electrode diameter or less works for me

  • TIG welding Stainless Steel and Best Practices

    Fabricating a stainless steel part and talking about maintaining the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Outside Corner joints using Aluminum angle backing

  • Walking the Cup on Fillet Welds

    There is a technique for tig welding called "walking the cup".
    While its mostly useful for pipe welding, it can also be a good technique for long runs on fillet welds.
    In this video, I talk about cup size, electrode stickout, and how to hold the torch.
    I set the lincoln TIG 200 to 177 amps and p...

  • Tig Welding Restarts on Steel

    Whether TIG welding, Mig Welding, Stick welding, or any other process, Restarts are part of the process. If you can make a decent restart, you are a lot less likely to have weld defects and a lot more likely to make a good looking weld.

    What is the 3 second rule?
    The 3 second rule says that it ...

  • Tips for TIG Welding Carbon Steel Square Tubing

    Teaching a friend a crash half day course for tig welding square tubing so he could weld a chair project out of square tubing