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New & Featured
  • JD Brewer - Zoom with Brian V 3/15/23 "All Things Welding"

    JD and Brian back with another discussion on all things welding. Leave questions for next week here.

  • JD Brewer - Pipe Part 9

    This video is the last part of the pipe job I've been working on. This is the installation of the pipe pieces and water filter on the main 600psi airline. This video also shows the installation of the drain piping to the outside drain.

  • JD Brewer - Awning Preheat Recap

    In this video i clear up some misinformation i had in talking about preheating aluminum. I also show another way to preheat aluminum.

    previous video:

  • JD Brewer - Stick vs DSFC pipe part 8

    In this video, I weld two identical pieces of pipe with two different processes. Both pieces have tig root and tig hot pass welds. One is welded with 3/32 7018 and the other is welded with .045 dsfc. Both pieces are welded with 8 total weld passes.

  • Mike Best - Corner Notcher Demo

    In This Video I give a quick demonstration of what a sheetmetal corner notcher is used for.

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP81 "Open or Closed"

    This week’s FMF is based off Joe Rogan’s podcast Ep 1943 talking about an open or closed loop mind set and how it could work for welding.

  • JD Brewer - Pipe Takeout Part 7

    This video highlights how to fit and measure your pipe to match your prints. I am making 2 identical pieces made up of 3 fittings and 2 pieces of pipe each. (the phrase of the day is "no big deal")

  • Johannes - Mini Tungstens

    This video is about planning ahead and saving money while avoiding waste.

  • Mike Best - Hammerless Center Punch

    In this video I talk about the types of center punches I use and how I recently found a different style that I'm really liking.

  • JD Brewer - Making a Connector for Welding Leads

    This video shows a way to make a solid connector using both a quick connect and a permanent one. The video also highlights a rotary ground for pipe welding.

  • Brad Goodman - Tungsten Prep TIG Aluminum with Jody

    Jody and Brad talk about tungsten prep live with Q&A

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  • JD Brewer - Stand Build

    Rush job that came in over Thanksgiving in the Apex shop.
    It's great to get a detailed print that also includes a cut list.
    JD shows some basic fabrication techniques and also how fireball squares and magnetic shims can save time for everyday fab work.
    Dual shield flux core is JD's go to process ...

  • JD Brewer - $20 Car Rim Repair

    JD repairs a cracked car rim for $20

  • Sam Hagan - Vlog EP18 "Check Your Prices"

    Check Your Prices

  • Sam Hagan - Jackhammer Bit

    Fixing a jackhammer bit with a little experimentation

  • Matt Hayden - Pulse Spray MIG 2F Tee Joint Part 1

    In this video Matt welds a 2f tee joint fillet weld using pulse spray mig using .035" ER70S6 wire at 425 ipm

  • Matt Hayden - 3F Pulse GMAW Part 3

    3F Pulse GMAW Part 3

  • JD Brewer - Awning Fab

    This video I'm talking about the steps I take in building an aluminum awning with Tig.

    Follow up video with some corrections:

  • JD Brewer - Aluminum Filler Sizes Compared

    Quick video showing some differences between aluminum filler sizes on the same type of weld joint. The sizes are 1/16", 3/32", & 1/8" (.060", .090", .120") with just a difference of .030 between sizes adds up to big differences in weld appearance.

  • JD Brewer - Cutting a Stone Paver

    This video is welding adjacent. I was installing a handrail i fabricated and need to cut a corner off of a stone paver. I haven't ever cut stone this way and thought it would be good to share the experience. I was impressed how easy it was to cut.

  • Zoom with JD + Special Guest 1/25 8 pm EST

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  • Johannes - My Favorite Die Grinder

    I got a lot of questions about my die grinders so here's a quick video about them. They are really nice and handy and odds are you probably need one. Check it out!

  • Matt Hayden - 2G Pulse Plate Test Part 2

    2G Pulse Plate Test Part 2. 3/8" Inch plate 1/4" inch gap and backing. ER70s6 wire. 230 ipm wire speed. Pulse Spray MIG trim set to 1.05. Lincoln S350 pulse spray program #12.

  • Sam Hagan - Aluminum Truck Bed

    Shortening an aluminum flat bed by a couple feet!