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Projects > TIG
  • JD Brewer - Truck Pipe Welds Part 3

    Now let's weld the pipes from the previous videos together

    part 1:
    part 2:

  • Mike Best - TIG Bike Frame Repair

    This video shows the step by step process I used to repair a broken weld joint on a full suspension mountain bike aluminum swing arm. Like many other jobs this video shows how the project is usually 90% prep and 10% actually welding.

    After some comments from WelderSkills members, Mike made a fol...

  • Modifying Chrome Vanadium Wrenches with 309 Filler Rod

    I got tired of misplacing my wrench for gauges and flowmeters so I made a dedicated wrench that hangs on the tank

  • Roy Crumrine - Inside Fillet Joints

    Thanks for checking out this video! My goal for this one is to help you with those hard to reach inside corner areas where your torch somewhat fits. I show you one of the ways I like to get into these spots to make the weld. I hope this one helps!

  • Brad Goodman - Aluminum Trailer Repair

    This week we had an Aluminum freight trailer come in the shop for some repairs. In this video we'll draw the part in fusion 360, router cut the parts we designed and do the welding repairs. I have a couple of great helpers for this video as well.

  • Brad Goodman - Mister Reservoir for the Router

    In this video, we fabricate a lubricant tank for the CNC Router

  • Matt Hayden - Aluminum Light Bar Box for Boat

    A quick project making a light bar box that will mount to a boat

  • JD Brewer - Pulse Settings and Silicon Bronze on a ZTfab Cart

    JD ordered a cart for his shop that included bottom drawer and foot pedal holder. In this video, we use a torch switch at high amperage for tack welding, then we compare straight welding current to pulse TIG.

    And.... we experimented with pulse settings using silicon bronze rod and lay wire techn...

  • TIG Welding Box Cutter Blades

    TIg welding box cutter blades can be very good practice because it makes you get used to focusing your eyes on a very small puddle, you have to get used to using a very small filler wire, and you also see how beneficial it is to use aluminum backing on thin metal.

  • TIG Welding 4140 Handles to Sockets with Hastelloy W

    Modifying Wrenches is common practice in certain industries like aviation maintenance. There are tight areas where a conventional wrench wont fit.
    Hastelloy W is usually a great choice when you know its steel but cannot determine the exact metal type.

  • TIG Welding 4130 Chromoly Tubing

    There is a bunch of data that states 4130 chromoly tubing .120" and under does not required a preheat or post heat treatment. But a preheat won't hurt.

  • TIG welding 18ga Carbon Steel Lap joints - Cube project

    This video shows tips, tricks, settings, and techniques for TIG welding 18 ga carbon steel lap joints

  • TIG Weding 18 ga Carbon steel Cube project

    This video shows tips and techniques for tig welding 18 ga outside corner joints along with flash tacking, different cups, and chill bars

  • Harbor Freight Hand Truck Welder Cart Project

    My Friend JD designed and cut the parts to convert a Harbor Freight Hand Truck to a very functional welder cart for a lincoln power mig 210mp

  • TIG Welding Carbon Steel - Mini Hurricane Project

    A project that brings out topics like gas shielding and electrode extension for tig welding carbon steel

  • TIG Weld the Aluminum Hurricane (Part 1)

    This video shows the butt joint portion of this aluminum hurricane project and how a #5 alumina cup can be the best choice for certain aluminum welds

  • TIG Welding Aluminum Hurricane (Part 2)

    This project was sent to me by a laser cutting company that sells them as weldable kits. It was a good practice project that required a lot of different torch angles. Rotating the torch head as you weld is shown along with plenty of instructive arc shots

  • TIG Welding Aluminum Tote project

    This is a large aluminum tote tray to hold several grinders and abrasive wheels

  • Aluminum Awning project TIG Welding in JDs shop

    200 amps might seem like a lot but with the large heat sink due to the size of the project, 200 amps was actually about right for a lot of it. I used the foot pedal and for some of the welds, I backed off the amps quite a lot but for a few of the welds I was welding a 3/16" (5mm) thick doubler a...

  • TIG Welding Steel Cube Project

    TIG welding cold rolled steel 3"x3" x1/4" using er309L and E70s-6 filler metal.
    12 outside joints provides plenty of welds to experiment using different size filler metals and pulse settings too.
    There is also a second video of filling in the corners using silicon bronze.

  • TIG Brazing a Steel Cube project

    The difference between TIG brazing and TIG welding is brazing occurs above 840f but below the melting point of the base metal being joined.
    Silicon bronze filler metal melts around 1800-1900f and carbon steel melts around 2800f.
    Silicon bronze is a useful rod to have in your tig arsenal because i...

  • Building a Slide Hammer Tool for Spatter Removal

    Super quick project but very useful is this slide hammer tool that uses a chisel and slide hammer for removing weld spatter

  • Making a Pocket Tungsten Holder from Copper Pipe

    in this video you will see a quick little project... a pocket tungsten holder made with copper pipe.

  • 6G Welding Test - Monster Coupon (Part 1)

    The monster coupon is a fairly common test given because it qualifies for a greater range of diameters and thickness. This video shows some techniques for the root.