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  • Andrew Cardin 5F tube to plate weld test 7018 3/32"

    In this video Andrew Cardin demonstrates a 5F tube to plate test using 7018 3/32" rods, This single test was required to qualify for a single weld in the field
    link for 5F aluminum test
    link for Detailed discussion o...

  • Matt Hayden - 1G Spray Arc with 90-10 gas

    1G Test Plate with Spray Arc...A common test for some of the local industry close to me
    90/10 argon/co2 is a fairly commonly used blend for spray transfer mig and also works for pulse spray.
    For this 1G test plate we used .035" ER70S6 wire
    Settings were dialed in using a simple 2f tee joint in o...

  • 6G Weld Test 6 inch sched 80 pipe with 6010 Root plus TIG roots

    6G 6 inch schedule 80 pipe test with 6010 uphill root.
    arc shots, rod angle, body positioning are all key factors

  • 6g 2 inch schedule 80 6010 Root 7018 cap - stick welding

    6g pipe weld test - 2 inch schedule 80 with 6010 3/32 Root 7018 3/32 cap
    One bead cover pass with Andrew Cardin

  • Downhill Pipe Welding with XX10 Stick Electrodes

    12 inch pipe with 35 degree bevel.
    Open root welded with 5/32" XX10 electrodes
    fill and cap with 3/16"

  • 5G Pipe 7016 Stick Welding Open Root

    While downhill Welding using XX10 electrodes is still very common,The Oil and Gas industry is seeing more Low Hydrogen Root Pass welding procedures.
    Since it is a far less common procedure, this video should help anyone get better at open roots with low hydrogen electrodes

  • Downhill Pipe Root Stick welding with 5/32" XX10 electrode

    Downhill root with XX10 rods are very common in the oil and gas industry.
    A very valuable high paying skill is to be able to make good roots like this.
    In pipeliner terms, its called "the bead"

  • Stick Welding 2g 3/8" plate with 7018 1/8"

    Stick Welding 2g 3/8" plate with 7018 1/8"
    3/8" thick plate with 22.5 deg bevels
    1/4" backing bar, 1/4" gap
    7018 1/8" dcep 130-135 amps root
    slightly less amperage for cap

  • 6010 Open Root Downhill Vertical Plate- Stick Welding

    Pipe Welding downhill is required for many procedures in the oil and gas industry. It helps to start with plate and gradually move to pipe once you have the basics

  • Stick Welding 6010 1/8" OPEN ROOT PLATE 7018 3/32" fill and cap UPHILL

    Practice plate 3g plate 6010 root 7018 fill and cap
    3/32" gap and 3/32" land
    75-80 amps DCEP
    these settings will work on pipe too

  • Stick Welding with 5/32" 6010 Open Root Plate Downhill

    Stick Welding with practice plate open root that will get you ready for pipe.
    This video shows importance of arc length and rod angle and well and lots of other great tips.
    Stick Welding with 5/32" 6010 Open Root Plate Downhill

  • Stick Welding 4g 7018 plate Test - Overhead

    This video covers stick welding a 4g Plate test using 7018 1/8" electrode 120-125 amps dcep.
    Structural Welding Tests often require both 3G and 4G plates.
    3/8" thick plates using 1/4" backing and 1/4" gap
    22.5 degree bevel

  • Stick Welding 3G 7018 Plate Test 3/8" with 1/4" Backing with Padding Beads too

    This video covers Welding a 3G Plate Test 3/8" thick with 1/4" Backing and 1/4" gap using 7018 1/8" at 120 amps
    Toward the end of the video, you will see instructions for padding beads vertical uphill using 7018 1/8"
    If you have having trouble getting uniform beads on a 3g test, padding beads is ...

  • 6G 2 INCH SCHED 80 3/32" 6010 ROOT 7018 CAP

    Andrew Cardin welds a 2" 6g test using 3/32" 6010 for the Root and 3/32" 7018 for the single bead cap.
    Tips for amperage, keyhole repair, and body positioning are shown in detail.
    If you have a 6g like this coming up, do yourself a favor and watch this video several times while you practice.

  • 6g 6 inch 6010 root 7018 fill&cap stick welding

    Detailed video on 6G test on 6 inch schedule 80 pipe 6010 root with 7018 fill and cap.
    85 amps for 6010 1/8"
    105 amps for the first 7018 1/8" pass.
    then up to 115 amps

  • 3g Stick Welding Test using 5/32" 7018

    Usually this test is given with a procedure that allows for 1/8" electrodes.
    But some welders are being required to use 5/32" 7018 which is more challenging. This video has a few tips that should help

  • 3g Stick Welding plate test with 5/32" 7018

    Some welders are being required to use 5/32" 7018 for welding tests.
    IF the procedure specifies 5/32" 7018 then that is what you have to use.

  • Stick Welding 3G Weld Test - 5/32" 7018

    Controlling the puddle, getting adequate penetration, avoiding undercut, preventing arc blow, and complying with AWS D1.1 acceptance criteria are all important.
    Some welders are being required to test using 5/32" 7018 electrodes instead of smaller diameter electrodes like 1/8". 130 amps is at the...