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Stick > Certification Tests
  • 3g Stick Welding Test using 5/32" 7018

    Usually this test is given with a procedure that allows for 1/8" electrodes.
    But some welders are being required to use 5/32" 7018 which is more challenging. This video has a few tips that should help

  • Stick Welding with 7014 - Multi Pass T Joint Practice

    in this video, you will see tips for Stick Welding a multi pass fillet weld with 7014 along with a cut and etch test to check penetration

  • Stick Carbon Steel 2F multi pass Tee joint with 7018

    One test beats out 100 opinions. Cut and etch testing of a multi pass fillet weld using 7018 stick electrodes

  • 3g Stick Welding plate test with 5/32" 7018

    Some welders are being required to use 5/32" 7018 for welding tests.
    IF the procedure specifies 5/32" 7018 then that is what you have to use.

  • Andrew Cardin - Overhead 7018 5/32" Stick Welding Tee Joint

    Andrew Cardin did the welding in this video while Jody handled the filming.

    165 amps, arc force set to 10 using a Lincoln PowerMIG 210mp. We decided to use some leftover rods so that we show lots of restarts because being able to make a good restart is a fundamental skill... especially in overhe...

  • Stick Welding 3G Weld Test - 5/32" 7018

    Controlling the puddle, getting adequate penetration, avoiding undercut, preventing arc blow, and complying with AWS D1.1 acceptance criteria are all important.
    Some welders are being required to test using 5/32" 7018 electrodes instead of smaller diameter electrodes like 1/8". 130 amps is at the...