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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Stick Welding 6010 1/8" OPEN ROOT PLATE 7018 3/32" fill and cap UPHILL

Stick > Certification Tests • 5m 39s

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  • Stick Welding with 5/32" 6010 Open Ro...

    Stick Welding with practice plate open root that will get you ready for pipe.
    This video shows importance of arc length and rod angle and well and lots of other great tips.
    Stick Welding with 5/32" 6010 Open Root Plate Downhill

  • Stick Welding 4g 7018 plate Test - Ov...

    This video covers stick welding a 4g Plate test using 7018 1/8" electrode 120-125 amps dcep.
    Structural Welding Tests often require both 3G and 4G plates.
    3/8" thick plates using 1/4" backing and 1/4" gap
    22.5 degree bevel

  • Stick Welding 3G 7018 Plate Test 3/8"...

    This video covers Welding a 3G Plate Test 3/8" thick with 1/4" Backing and 1/4" gap using 7018 1/8" at 120 amps
    Toward the end of the video, you will see instructions for padding beads vertical uphill using 7018 1/8"
    If you have having trouble getting uniform beads on a 3g test, padding beads is ...