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This Just In...

The newest videos from the last 30 days of uploads!

This Just In...
  • Sam Hagan - Removing a Bearing with a Torch

    Sam removes a bearing with a gouging tip and more in this real world repair video

  • Roy Crumrine - Five Minute Friday EP21

    This week is all about Preheat! Should you bother taking the time to do it or should you just roll with it as is? That's what we're talking about and some of the effects from preheating. Hope this helps. If you have a question you'd like to hear discussed in a future FMF leave it in the comments ...

  • Matt Hayden - 6013 Padding

    Helpful tips for 6013 padding with Matt Hayden

  • Matt Hayden - SMAW 1/8 7018 T Joint 2F

    SMAW 1/8 7018 T Joint 2F with tips, arc shots, and machine settings

  • Sam Hagan - Brush Hog Repair (Part 2 of 2)

    Part 2 of Sam's Brush Hog Repair Video using a Cutting Torch, Gouging Torch, and an explanation and demonstration of "Texas TIG"

    Part 1 here:

  • Roy Crumrine - Markers

    Thank you for checking out this video! When it comes to fabratating part you'll need to mark out different locations for items or stitch welds. In the past years I've been using 4 different markers and thought it would be fun to see just how they can affect the weld and the material being welde...

  • Brad Goodman - Arc Shot Compilation

    An assortment of different arc shots to help you learn by watching.

  • Roy Crumrine - Five Minute 'Black' Friday EP20 "Fronius"

    Happy Black Friday! For this week's FMF I was asked about why I went with Fronius. Thought this would be a good way to explain my thoughts on the matter. Hope you enjoy it! Watch till the end! Have a great weekend. If you have any questions you'd like to hear answered on a future FMF please leave...

  • Sam Hagan - TMR (Cow Food) Mixer Repair

    Repair on a TMR (Cow food) mixer. Process: Stick, Carbon Arc Gouging Material: Carbon Steel

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP05 (Part 2) - How to Hold a Tig Torch for Beginners

    I got a request from a member to show how to hold the torch, so here's a video on that! Don't forget to leave comments if you have questions. If it's something important, I will likely update an existing part of this course or add a new video altogether. Thanks for being a member. Thanks for the ...

  • Sam Hagan - Door Repair Welding 16 Gauge with 6010

    A look at a real world repair with less than ideal conditions. Material: Carbon Steel Process: Stick 6010.

  • Roy Crumrine - Five Minute Friday EP19

    Thank you for clicking on this week's FMF! I talk about bringing in your own tools this week. I'm honestly not sure where I was going with this one but just let it flow, ha ha. I have mixed feelings about this and I think you can tell. Let me know what your thoughts are about this matter in the c...

  • Matt Hayden - 6013 Flat Stringer Beads

    SMAW 1/8 6013 on 1/4'' Mild Steel Flat Stringer Beads. Tips on arc length, stinger positioning,

  • Sam Hagan - Welder's Bucket

    How to build a welding bucket with a plasma cutter.

  • Sam Hagan - Small Business Chat (Part 2)

    Sam does some maintenance on his welder and shares some thoughts and tips about small business.

    For more of Sam's thoughts on small business, check out this video here

  • JD Brewer - Stair Layout Explanation (Part 2 of 3)

    This video shows how I layout stringers for stairs.

    Part 3:

  • Sam Hagan - Brush Hog Repair (Part 1 of 2)

    Repairing a brush hog with a torch, grinder, and stick welder.

    Part 2:

  • JD Brewer - Stair Layout Explanation (Part 1 of 3)

    This video shows a way I layout stair stringers. This is just a video of a crappy white board drawing and mainly how I use the calculator to determine my measurements for the stairs.

    Part 2:

  • Roy Crumrine - Five Minute Friday EP18 "Put it on!"

    Thanks for checking out this week's FMF! This week we get a little personal and I tell you what really happened to me and how I'm fixing it. We only get one body and we need to treat it better. I'll leave it right there. Hope everyone has had a great week! If you have any questions you would like...

  • Jody Collier - Intro to TIG

    18 videos

    Jody Collier is back again with a new course, Intro to TIG. Come learn from a master!

    This course is also available for sale or 7-day rental. Click here for access.

  • Sam Hagan - Experimental Pipe Weld Positioner

    A quick look at Sam's pipe weld positioner

  • Sam Hagan - 7018 Reverse Polarity

    A close up look at 7018 when you have the polarity set wrong on your welding machine.

  • Brad Goodman - Weld Sequence

    Brad shares tips on sequencing a weld. It's not always point A to point B...

  • Sam Hagan - Spool Gun Battery Box Repair

    How to do repair welds with the dreaded spool gun on aluminum