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TIG > For Beginners
  • Andrew Cardin and Jody - 1F, 2F Aluminum Corner Joints

    Andrew Cardin TIG welding a 1F and a 2F outside corner joint,
    while we were filming this weld, we noticed the cleaning action wasn't quite what it should be so we did a separate video
    https://welderskills.vhx.tv/videos/argon-cleaning-testing to show how we tuned the argon flow

  • Roy Crumrine - Arc Gap - Arc length

    Here's a video showing how the arc gap can affect your weld. You're looking for that Goldilocks Zone. If you're having issues with scummy looking welds and black pepper floating around in the puddle you might be holding too far of a gap!

  • Roy Crumrine - Scribed - TIG welding tips

    Thanks for checking out this idea I wanted to try. Since getting this little Xtool laser I've thought about scribing a path with some hash marks. Let's see if it works out.

  • Roy Crumrine - Zoom Recording 4/14/22

  • Jody Collier - Filler Metal 101

    Tips for Basic Filler Metal selection along with some resources for filler metal selection.
    Aluminum filler metal chart from Aloctech http://alcotec.com/us/en/support/upload/Aluminum_Filler_Alloy_Selection_Chart.pdf
    Washington Alloys Stainless Filler metal chart https://washingtonalloy.com/wp-co...

  • Jody Collier - Full Penetration Tips for Aluminum with a CK MT200

    In Brad Goodman's video on full penetration aluminum he used a Miller Dynasty that has all the features like waveforms and amplitude settings.
    A member commented that he would like to see a similar video using a much simpler machine like the CK MT200.
    I used a #5 clear cup (they film better) with...

  • Brad Goodman - Basic AC Machine Setup (Part 1)

    In part one, Brad gives a basic overview of how to set up an AC machine covering its functions, best practices, and some tips on how to navigate your own machine.

  • Brad Goodman - Torch Height and Torch Angle

    Brad Goodman shares some tips on how to hold your torch when TIG Welding

  • Tungsten Angle Grind Makes a Difference

    There are several charts in text books and on web sites that depict the penetration profile caused by different grind angles of tungsten electrodes.
    I like to see things for myself so I tested 3 very different angles on pieces of 2% lanthanated electrodes ...all 3/32" (2.4mm).
    I let the piece co...

  • Pulse TIG Settings for Carbon Steel Square Tubing

    The problem with tig welding carbon steel square tubing is that is is easy to melt thru and pull oxides into the puddle. When that happens, the puddle gets weird. Pulse settings can help.

  • Brad Goodman - Filler Wire Techniques for Aluminum

    One of the biggest struggles for new aluminum TIG welders is learning to feed TIG wire. In my opinion, it's one of the hardest parts of aluminum TIG to get ahold on.

  • TIG Welding a Carbon Steel 3F Lap Joint

    Whether its a vertical weld or laying flat on the bench, the same techniques apply, but getting comfortable can be the main thing. The ABC's of welding are ...Always Be comfortable

  • Brad Goodman - A Look at Foot Pedals and Techniques

  • Brad Goodman - TIG Welding .125 Open Corner with a 5 Standard Cup

    Today we're looking at what I would consider the most common weld in aluminum fabrication - the open corner. Let's take a look at helpful position tips and a starting point for your settings.

  • TIG welding Stainless Steel and Best Practices

    Fabricating a stainless steel part and talking about maintaining the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Outside Corner joints using Aluminum angle backing

  • Learning How to Walk the Cup

    A very good TIG welding technique for pipe and a few other round shapes is walking the cup.
    But its good to be also be able to freehand.
    Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent walking the cup. For those occasions being able to prop with a tig finger can help.
    Other times, a part has smooth m...

  • TIG Welding Aluminum Tips on a Fixture Plate

    A laser cut aluminum star provides lots of different angles and opportunity to learn things like hand position

  • AC Frequency Settings for TIG Welding Aluminum

    This video is about tig welding aluminum on AC at 50hz and at 250hz.
    there was a noticeable difference at the 2 different settings. 50hz got completed penetration and 250hz did not penetrate.
    I tried to keep travel speed the same for both welds by using a motorized welding positioner turntable.

  • Pretty Welds are Not Always Good Welds

    In this vdieo, I use a few different tig welding techniques to demonstrate that a pretty weld is not always a good weld. Filler rod size and technique are key factors.

  • TIG Welding Aluminum with Different Waveforms

    The current waveforms are advanced square wave, soft square wave, sine wave, and triangle wave.
    They all have slightly different looks, sounds and characteristics.
    Some waveforms are supposed to be better for thin metals, others for thicker metals.
    There is another advanced feature on a very few...

  • How to TIG Weld Aluminum - Part 1

    There is a lot to talk about.
    things like tungsten electrodes..type and size ( i like 2% lanthanated for everything and 3/32 takes care of most of my daily welding)
    shielding gases ...argon is best to start but if you begin to specialize in thicker aluminum, it might make sense to use a blend of ...

  • How to TIG Weld Aluminum - Part 2

    Questions about AC balance, AC frequency, tungsten electrodes, shielding gases, techniques for feeding wire, how to keep a tight arc without dipping in the puddle, and a lot more.
    While I figure out the best way to answer as many questions as possible, I have to start by answering just a few of t...

  • Testing Different TIG Techniques, and Pulse vs No Pulse

    There are many different ways to tig weld a tee joint. In this video I show 3 different ways...straight dcen with no pulse using a foot pedal, 1 pulse per second with foot pedal floored at 131 amps, and pumping the foot pedal for sort of a manual pulse.