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TIG > Stainless Steel

TIG > Stainless Steel

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TIG > Stainless Steel
  • Roy Crumrine - Purging Trick

    Roy shows us how to use aluminum foil and painter's tape to purge some 310 stainless.

  • Tig Welding Restarts on Steel

    Whether TIG welding, Mig Welding, Stick welding, or any other process, Restarts are part of the process. If you can make a decent restart, you are a lot less likely to have weld defects and a lot more likely to make a good looking weld.

    What is the 3 second rule?
    The 3 second rule says that it ...

  • TIG Welding Stainless - Filling holes in Stainless Sheet metal

    Stainless Steel needs either backing or argon shielding to the back side when the back side melts. Argon shielding usually gives the best quality but Copper or Aluminum backing can also work fine depending on engineering or code requirements

  • TIG Welding Tips for Purging and Grounding Stainless

    TIG Welding Stainless Steel tubing with full penetration requires a purge in order to prevent severe oxidation on the inside.
    There are some applications where purging the inside is an absolute must...especially in food service applications.
    The manifold in the video is not required to be done ...

  • TIG Welding Stainless Steel - 16ga Outside Corner Joint

    In this video...TIG welding a stainless steel outside corner joint along with tips for backing and argon shielding on back side

  • TIG Welding a Stainless Steel 16ga Butt Joint

    In this video ... you will see Tips and Techniques used for TIG Welding a Stainless Steel 16ga Butt Joint with argon shielding on the penetration side. Fully penetrated stainless steel needs argon shielding on penetration side in order to maintain properties

  • TIG Welding Stainless Pipe - Root pass technique - Tips for purging

    In this video...Tips and Techniques for TIG Welding Stainless Pipe with a free hand Root pass technique along with some Tips for purging

  • TIG Welding -Walking the Cup- Stainless Steel to Carbon Pipe

    In this video...Tips for Walking the Cup welding a Stainless Steel flange to Carbon Pipe

  • TIG Welding Stainless Steel Flange to Carbon pipe freehand

    this video shows hot pass, fill, and cap on carbon pipe welded to a stainless flange...not walking the cup

  • TIG welding Different metals

    This video shows TIG welding several different alloys. Carbon Steel, 4130, Stainless, and Aluminum. Arc Length is key

  • Tips for TIG Welding Stainless Steel 16ga Lap Joints

    This video shows tips , settings, cups, and tricks for tack welding stainless steel lap joints. a down and dirty hold down tool also shown

  • TIG Welding Stainless Coped Tubes

    TIG welding Stainless steel is very similar to carbon steel but less amperage is needed and there are a few tips that help prevent heat build up.
    A tight arc is important too

  • TIG Welding Edge Beads Stainless, Carbon Steel, Aluminum

    Dimensional restoration is a big part of aerospace maintenance.
    A whole lot of aerospace tig welding is restoring worn metal.
    And that often involves being able to weld a very small bead on an edge.
    The thinner the metal, the more difficult it is so its good to start thick and work your way dow...

  • Aerospace TIG Welding Test on Stainless

    Aerospace tig welding tests almost always involve a fixture like the one shown in this video. Little details like how you place the chill bars can make a big difference.
    Even though it would be rare to weld plain 304 stainless for aerospace, the tips still apply.
    Typical test material for th...

  • TIG welding Stainless Steel and Best Practices

    Fabricating a stainless steel part and talking about maintaining the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Outside Corner joints using Aluminum angle backing