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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

Roy Crumrine - Pulse Tig Settings

TIG > Stainless Steel • 17m

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  • TIG WELDING AWS D17.1 2G .063" STAIN...

    This is A practice weld using 304L stainless steel in .063" thickness.
    usually other alloys like 17-7ph, 15-7ph, are used for this test but the same techniques apply across the board

  • Roy Crumrine - Purging Trick

    Roy shows us how to use aluminum foil and painter's tape to purge some 310 stainless.

  • Tig Welding Restarts on Steel

    Whether TIG welding, Mig Welding, Stick welding, or any other process, Restarts are part of the process. If you can make a decent restart, you are a lot less likely to have weld defects and a lot more likely to make a good looking weld.

    What is the 3 second rule?
    The 3 second rule says that it ...