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  • Roy Crumrine - Tungsten Sharpening

    Here are few different ways I can sharpen tungsten in my shop from common to not so common. Hope one of these ways will help you in your shop or at work! Enjoy

  • JD Brewer - MT200 First Impressions

    in this video I unbox a new MT-200 with their new steady grip foot pedal. I test out the machine with some aluminum and stainless welding. I also give my thoughts on this machine overall and why i like the new pedal design.

  • Sam Hagan - Vlog EP15 "Welding Problems"

    Sam has a simple project that ended up being not so simple. Sometimes things don't go as planned.

  • Mike Best - Bike Frame Repair Follow Up

    In this video Mike talks about how sometimes there are post welding processes that need to be considered when taking on a welding job. Something that seems as simple as just running a couple beads to fix a broken aluminum mountain bike component can actually weaken the area and would need a post ...

  • Roy Crumrine - FMF EP64 "Ouch"

    This week's FMF is talking about a mistake I made and why you shouldn't make that same mistake! Enjoy

  • Sam Hagan - Dump Truck Tailgate

    Safety tips when working with dump truck tailgates

  • Mike Best - Fab Tips and Tools "Transfer Screws"

    Hi Guys, Here is a quick video demonstrating the use of transfer screws for fabrication. Thank You! The audio is a little off I was testing a new GoPro setup.

  • Brad Goodman - Zoom Recording "Running a Welding Biz"

    Missed Brad's WelderSkills live? Watch the recording here. Brad talks about his career history, how he started his small business, how he runs it today, and shows off some of his most important software tools.

  • Mike Best - TIG Bike Frame Repair

    This video shows the step by step process I used to repair a broken weld joint on a full suspension mountain bike aluminum swing arm. Like many other jobs this video shows how the project is usually 90% prep and 10% actually welding.

    After some comments from WelderSkills members, Mike made a fol...

  • JD Brewer - Sawhorse Fabrication

    You don't always have a table. JD shows us how to fabricate with sawhorses. Tips, arc shots, and time lapse included.

  • Matt Hayden - 7018 Horizontal Padding Plate

    Horizontal Padding Plate with 7018, 125 Amps DCEP