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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

JD Brewer - Pulse Settings and Silicon Bronze on a ZTfab Cart

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  • TIG Welding Box Cutter Blades

    TIg welding box cutter blades can be very good practice because it makes you get used to focusing your eyes on a very small puddle, you have to get used to using a very small filler wire, and you also see how beneficial it is to use aluminum backing on thin metal.

  • TIG Welding 4140 Handles to Sockets w...

    Modifying Wrenches is common practice in certain industries like aviation maintenance. There are tight areas where a conventional wrench wont fit.
    Hastelloy W is usually a great choice when you know its steel but cannot determine the exact metal type.

  • TIG Welding 4130 Chromoly Tubing

    There is a bunch of data that states 4130 chromoly tubing .120" and under does not required a preheat or post heat treatment. But a preheat won't hurt.