WelderSkills - MIG Courses

WelderSkills - MIG Courses

14 Episodes

Here's a great onramp for anyone wanting to dive deeper into MIG welding, from beginners to pros. We regularly feature new instructors with new sets of videos covering a variety of topics. Remember to check back later and see what's new!

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WelderSkills - MIG Courses
  • C25 MIG Workbook PDF Download

    2.99 MB

    Workbook for down and dirty short circuit C25 MIG! It's like a settings cheat sheet with links to the relevant videos. Enjoy!

  • Part 1 - The Very Basics (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 1

    Start here if you'd like Jody Collier, of WeldingTipsAndTricks YouTube fame, to get you going.

    Mig welding basics, machine settings, fundamentals; getting started with MIG welding.

  • Part 2 - Troubleshooting Early Problems (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 2

    Jody Collier from WeldingTipsAndTricks explains "the bird's nest".

    Working with your machine to start getting better (less frustrating) results right out of the gate.

  • Part 3 - Tips on Technique (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 3

    Jody Collier from WeldingTipsAndTricks explains one of the best MIG gun techniques for beginners.

    These technique tips will help you get better penetration (yes, that's a technical welding term), proven by testing.

  • Part 4 - Run Those Beads (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 4

    Now that Jody has you started, it's time to practice practice practice.

    He'll explain some starting tips for voltage and wire feed settings, and will explain in a little more detail how to start refining your MIG welding technique.

  • Part 5 - Tee Joints (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 5

    One of the best ways to get a lot of practice with a small amount of metal is stacking beads on a tee joint.

    Remember, "practice makes better" (because perfection doesn't exist).

  • Part 6 - MIG Vertical Uphill (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 6

    One of the most important concepts in welding is POSITION. Let's talk MIG welding, vertical uphill.

    Mig welding vertical uphill requires using some manipulation to prevent the weld from being too convex. Proper settings (lower settings than what are normally used for flat and horizontal) techni...

  • Part 7 - Overhead MIG (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 7

    Mig welding overhead is mostly a matter of getting comfortable. Again, POSITION.

    The same settings and techniques that are used for flat and horizontal also work on overhead. But if you typically weld really hot, reducing the wire speed by 10% might help.

  • Part 8 - The One Technique to Rule Them All (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 8

    If you're just looking to keep things simple, this one MIG technique works for all positions.

    By tracing the front leading edge of the puddle, this one single MIG welding technique gets penetration in every position.

  • Part 9 - Short Arc MIG, Push vs Pull (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 9

    Using a push angle vs a pull angle is an argument that shouldn't even exist, but folks continue to argue. Both work.

    For spray transfer MIG, pushing is usually best. But for short circuit MIG, both pushing and pulling have their place... and that's a good thing because sometimes you don't have ...

  • Part 10 - "MIG Like TIG" vs Hot (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 10

    In some industries, a certain look is expected for MIG welds. For example, the motorsports industries has adopted the "MIG like TIG" look.

    It involves using settings different from what is normally used for production. Wire speed in particular is usually much lower, which lowers the overall trav...

  • Part 11 - MIG Welding 3F Uphill Tee (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 11

    MIG welding uphill requires lower settings. A pro tip is to just use the chart or auto settings for thinner metal ( 2 thicknesses usually works well).

  • Part 12 - MIG Welding Thin Wall Square Tubing (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 12

    MIG welding thin wall square tubing in a common fixed position.

  • Part 13 - MIG 11GA Square Tubing (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 13

    Weld sequence can help prevent distortion.

  • Part 14 - 3G MIG Plate Test (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

    Episode 14

    The 3G plate test is sometimes used for MIG welding certification tests.

    This video will be particularly helpful for a 3G certification test with uphill and downhill root passes.