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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

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Part 5 - Tee Joints (MIG Basics with Jody Collier)

4m 41s

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  • Part 6 - MIG Vertical Uphill (MIG Bas...

    One of the most important concepts in welding is POSITION. Let's talk MIG welding, vertical uphill.

    Mig welding vertical uphill requires using some manipulation to prevent the weld from being too convex. Proper settings (lower settings than what are normally used for flat and horizontal) techni...

  • Part 7 - Overhead MIG (MIG Basics wit...

    Mig welding overhead is mostly a matter of getting comfortable. Again, POSITION.

    The same settings and techniques that are used for flat and horizontal also work on overhead. But if you typically weld really hot, reducing the wire speed by 10% might help.

  • Part 8 - The One Technique to Rule Th...

    If you're just looking to keep things simple, this one MIG technique works for all positions.

    By tracing the front leading edge of the puddle, this one single MIG welding technique gets penetration in every position.