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WelderSkills - TIG Courses

WelderSkills - TIG Courses

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WelderSkills - TIG Courses
  • Intro to TIG Welding EP05 (Part 2) - How to Hold a Tig Torch for Beginners

    Episode 1

    I got a request from a member to show how to hold the torch, so here's a video on that! Don't forget to leave comments if you have questions. If it's something important, I will likely update an existing part of this course or add a new video altogether. Thanks for being a member. Thanks for the ...

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP01 - Setting up a TIG Machine and Basic DC Settings

    Episode 2

    This is part 1 of a new 'Intro to TIG Welding' course. My goal here is to make the best possible intro to TIG course through continual improvements based on your feedback. Leave comments if you have any questions, and we'll add the answers to the course.

    *UPDATED 11/22 to show argon tank safety

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP02 - Torch Parts and Types

    Episode 3

    In episode 2 we cover the different types of torches, how to figure out if you 17, 18, 26 9-20 torch, and what the parts do

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP03 - Cutting and Sharpening Tungsten

    Episode 4

    Some tips for How to cut and sharpen your tungsten.
    A dedicated tungsten grinder is best practice but there are other ways

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP04 - Quick Start Settings for DC Steel

    Episode 5

    Basic Quick Start Settings for DC TIG welding Steel.
    Settings for Steel are very simple as long as you have the tig torch plugged in to the correct dinse receptacle ( the one with the tig torch icon)

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP05 - Carbon Steel Beads on Plate no Filler Rod

    Episode 6

    TIG welding Carbon Steel Beads on Plate no Filler Rod.
    Using only the TIG torch, this is one of the very first skill exercises for building motor skills, hand eye coordination, and muscle memory for welding consistent beads.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP06 - Carbon Steel Beads with Filler Rod

    Episode 7

    Carbon Steel Beads with Filler Rod
    11ga cold rolled steel
    DCEN machine amps set to 124 using foot pedal
    105 amps actual peak amps
    3/32" 2% lanthanated electrode
    1/16" ER70S6 rod
    #8 cup 20 cfh argon

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP07 - Polarity for Steel and Aluminum

    Episode 8

    Why do we use A/C for Aluminum? What is cleaning action? DCEN vs. DCEP? All these things and more covered in EP07 of Intro to TIG Welding.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP08 - TIG Welder Settings

    Episode 9

    A deeper look at TIG machine settings. Every machine is a little different. This video aims to help you understand the different type of machines and how to orient yourself quickly on a new machine.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP09 - Aluminum Beads on Plate no Filler Metal

    Episode 10

    Just like we did with Carbon Steel. This video covers some good tips on how to build muscle memory without filler metal before you do the real thing.
    Aluminum will often crack when welded without filler metal but dont be too concerned about that right now....this is a learning exercise before pro...

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP10 - Aluminum Beads with Filler

    Episode 11

    It's time to take what we learned from EP09 and lay down some beads with filler metal on Aluminum.
    11ga thickness is used in the video so amperage was around 120-140

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP11 - How NOT to TIG Weld Aluminum

    Episode 12

    We've covered how to TIG Weld Aluminum, so let's look at some things to avoid when TIG Welding. If you're the kind of person, who doesn't like to see things done the wrong way, just skip this one!

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP12 - Padding Beads aka "The Aluminum Drill"

    Episode 13

    Build your skills with "The Aluminum Drill" laying lots of beads and learning from your progress/mistakes.
    This is one of the very best skill drills you can do to improve your overall TIG welding skills.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP13 - Padding TIG Beads on Carbon Steel

    Episode 14

    This exercise has a whole lot of welding seat time without a lot of prep time.
    Being able to weld a uniform bead is a fundamental skill in tig welding so it makes sense to devote plenty of practice to padding uniform beads on plate.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP14 - How NOT to TIG Steel

    Episode 15

    Much like our previous video on Aluminum, let's look at some things to avoid with Steel. If you don't like to see things done the wrong way, skip this one.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP15 - Outside Corner Joint Carbon Steel

    Episode 16

    This is an outside corner joint using 11ga cold rolled steel. The 3 most important things to focus on are Arc length, torch angle, and keeping the tip shielded.
    105 amps
    er70s6 1/16" filler rod
    Let's weld an outside corner joint with what we've learned so far.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP16 - Outside Corner Joint Aluminum

    Episode 17

    Just like the previous episode, we'll use what we've learned to weld an aluminum corner joint.
    These are fillet welds and the amount of penetration required varies based on service requirements, weld symbol, or customer requirements.
    The outside corner joint is one of the most common for fabricat...

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP17 - 2F Lap Joints 11 GA Carbon Steel

    Episode 18

    In this video, we are TIG welding 11 ga cold rolled steel and using different diameters of filler rod.
    The first joint was welded using 3/32" filler rod at approximately 120 amps.
    A second lap joint was also shown using 1/16" at slightly lower amperage.