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Watch this video and more on WelderSkills

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Intro to TIG Welding EP13 - Padding TIG Beads on Carbon Steel

9m 44s

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  • Intro to TIG Welding EP14 - How NOT t...

    Much like our previous video on Aluminum, let's look at some things to avoid with Steel. If you don't like to see things done the wrong way, skip this one.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP15 - Outside C...

    This is an outside corner joint using 11ga cold rolled steel. The 3 most important things to focus on are Arc length, torch angle, and keeping the tip shielded.
    105 amps
    er70s6 1/16" filler rod
    Let's weld an outside corner joint with what we've learned so far.

  • Intro to TIG Welding EP16 - Outside C...

    Just like the previous episode, we'll use what we've learned to weld an aluminum corner joint.
    These are fillet welds and the amount of penetration required varies based on service requirements, weld symbol, or customer requirements.
    The outside corner joint is one of the most common for fabricat...