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  • JD's Pipe Job

    9 videos

    A nine part series showing every detail of a pipe job from JD Brewer. Plenty of arc shots, instruction, process, and time lapse to see in this series.

  • Matt Hayden Spray MIG

    4 videos

  • Free Cheat Sheet Workbooks
    0 videos — 1 extra

    Free Cheat Sheet Workbooks

    0 videos — 1 extra

  • Trending
    12 videos


    12 videos

    WelderSkills current top videos

  • Vlogs with Sam Hagan

    1 season

    Sam shares his experiences in small business through regular vlog updates. Tips for running your own business and how to handle unforeseen challenges.

  • Tools with Roy Crumrine

    1 season

    Roy shows off his commonly, and not so commonly, used tools in this series.

  • Jody Collier - Intro to MIG Welding

    15 videos — 1 extra

    Jody Collier is back again with a new course, Intro to MIG GMAW Welding. Come learn from a master!

    This course is also available for sale or rental. Click here for access.

    Several episodes full of useful knowledge to ...

  • WelderSkills - Stick Courses

    5 seasons

  • Metrology Mondays

    1 season

    These videos will be all about how to measure parts and also go over all the different types of tools used to measure.

  • New & Featured

    30 videos

    The latest videos from our instructors at WelderSkills.com. The best place to go to stay in the loop with new stuff.

  • Instructor: Roy Crumrine

    148 videos

    Roy Crumrine (@crummywelding) has set himself apart as one of the most exquisite welders in the world, with the experience and the capability to hold tight tolerances, executing very intricate welds. Being a true perfectionist, Roy has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve real excelle...

  • Instructor: Sam Hagan

    126 videos

    Sam Hagan (@lostskills) has built a following for himself online just by showing off how adept he actually is in so many job skills, some of which are being "lost to time", as he puts is. Sam is a very, very capable welder with much to teach, but he's also a master farmsteader - if you know about...

  • Instructor: Jody Collier

    40 videos

    Jody Collier from WeldingTipsAndTricks and The Weldmonger Store brings you his best premium welding tips. You probably know Jody from YouTube where he's become known by many as "The Godfather of Welding". With a million subscribers, decades of experience in welding inspection and instruction, not...

  • Instructor: Michael Best

    22 videos

    Michael Best (@bestfabllc) brings an added dimension to WelderSkills, being virtually half machinist and half welder (really 100% both). With over 20 years of experience and a self-proclaimed full-blown addiction to tools and equipment, Mike is going to teach you how welding and machining go hand...

  • Instructor: Matt Hayden

    45 videos

    Matt Hayden (@matthaydenwelder) runs the welding career tech program at Cedartown High School in Georgia. His program is one of the best in the country, going to state and national championships pretty much every year. His classes boast students who are already making a good living for themselves...

  • Instructor: Johannes Ciobanica

    24 videos

    Johannes Ciobanica (@tighappens) is pretty new on the scene, and he's getting lots of attention for his welding artistry. We feel lucky to have him on board! Hailing from Italy, Johannes' approach is sure to leave you feeling inspired to hone your craft and become an artisan of a very valuable tr...

  • Instructor: Brad Goodman

    57 videos

    Brad Goodman (@deepsouthdimestacker) is the owner of Goodman Metal Products in Wesson, MS, offering custom Aluminum/Stainless steel welding and fabrication. Brad has built himself a business and a livelihood with his down-to-earth style and lots of southern charm. Follow his advice and you can do...

  • Instructor: JD Brewer

    68 videos

    JD Brewer (@apexish) is the owner of Apex Welding in Villa Rica, GA, a mobile welding service for Metro Atlanta and West Georgia. JD is one of the hardest working guys we know, and has an absolute no-nonsense approach to welding fabrication and instruction, with a pretty healthy sense of humor mi...

  • Instructor: Andrew Cardin

    25 videos

    Andrew Cardin (@thebostonweldah) first came to notoriety in 2015 for representing the United States at the WorldSkills event in Brazil, where he won a Medal of Excellence and finished 5th among a field of 38 welders from across the globe. We knew we had to get Andrew involved at WelderSkills, bec...

  • Quick Tips
    3 seasons

    Quick Tips

    3 seasons

  • Five Minute Fridays

    1 season

    Now here's a real-life kind of video series that's unique to WelderSkills.com. We only bring on instructors who are down to earth and are able to articulate the down-and-dirty tips you need to improve your welding. Watch some of our instructors take a quick five minutes every Friday to answer the...

  • Jody Collier - Intro to TIG Welding

    18 videos

    Jody Collier is back again with a new course, Intro to TIG. Come learn from a master!

    This course is also available for sale or rental. Click here for access.

    Several episodes full of useful knowledge to get you going...

  • WelderSkills - TIG Courses

    2 seasons

  • WelderSkills - MIG Courses

    1 season

    Here's a great onramp for anyone wanting to dive deeper into MIG welding, from beginners to pros. We regularly feature new instructors with new sets of videos covering a variety of topics. Remember to check back later and see what's new!

  • Sam's Welding Rig Tour

    4 videos

    Sam shows us his Welding Rig from top to bottom in this three part series. A great series for anyone wondering what you should have on-hand if you run a small welding business.

  • Start Here

    6 videos

    Meet the instructors and get tips on how to best use our site! For good reason, we're very proud of our WelderSkills Instructors. They're the best of the best - artisans of the trade, and talented teachers. We chose them because we believe in their talents and in their ability to disseminate valu...

  • Projects > TIG

    25 videos

  • Projects > MIG

    15 videos

  • Projects > Stick

    7 videos

  • Projects > Flux Core

    5 videos

  • Shop Tips
    38 videos

    Shop Tips

    38 videos

    General tips and tricks to help you keep your tools and your shop in tip-top shape. There's a lot more to welding than the welding itself.

  • TIG > For Beginners

    23 videos

  • TIG > Certification Tests

    18 videos

  • TIG > Aluminum

    62 videos

  • TIG > Carbon Steel

    30 videos

  • TIG > Stainless Steel

    20 videos

  • MIG > For Beginners
    26 videos — 1 extra

    MIG > For Beginners

    26 videos — 1 extra

  • MIG > Certification Tests

    5 videos

  • MIG > Aluminum

    4 videos

  • MIG > Carbon Steel

    7 videos

  • Stick > For Beginners

    34 videos

  • Stick > Certification Tests

    18 videos

  • Stick > Aluminum

    1 video

  • Stick > Carbon Steel

    11 videos

  • Flux Core > For Beginners

    7 videos

  • Flux Core > Carbon Steel

    3 videos

  • More Videos
    152 videos

    More Videos

    152 videos

    Everything else!